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How $7 Changed the Course of My Life

In 2013, I was sitting in my living room in Townsville when I came across a sponsored ad. Typically, I don’t get sucked into these types of things, but this one captivated me. It was the first time I saw someone doing something I had envisioned myself doing – teaching personal development. By the end, it was an easy decision for me to pay $7 postage for a copy of the book “The Motivation Manifesto” to be sent to me. At the time, I had never heard of Brendon Burchard, but receiving his book was more than just a reading experience; it represented a reminder of a bigger vision I had for myself.

As time went on, Brendon Burchard’s name grew to be synonymous with personal development, earning recognition as the world’s number one high-performance coach, working with some of the biggest names globally. I’ve continued to read his latest books and consume his content, but if you told me back in 2013 that in 2023 I would meet Brendon Burchard, I not only wouldn’t have believed you, but the very thought would have also seemed inconceivable.

In January, I got a call asking if I would be interested in attending an event in Austin with him, Growth Day Live 2023, a 4-day event hosted by none other than Brendon Burchard himself. As someone passionate about personal development, I quickly decided to take advantage of the early bird price. Sharing space with 2000+ other attendees, listening to the likes of Ed Mylett, Lori Harder, Jamie Lee Kerma, Mel Abrahams, Trent Shelton, and Anthony Trucks, I kept recalling that memory of sitting at my dining table in 2013. My brain was trying to reconcile that I was experiencing something that once seemed so inconceivable – not only was I in the same room as the very people I had followed, admired, and been inspired by for over a decade, but I also got to personally meet Brendon Burchard himself.

I am going to be sharing my reflections, insights, and thoughts from the event over the coming days and weeks now that I have had some time to really decompress and reflect on the experience. However, I wanted to share this story because it reminded me how we never know where life is going to take us and highlights the importance of planting seeds, trusting the germination process, and having the patience to wait for them to bloom.

Shortly after I spent that $7 in 2013, I was diagnosed with multiple liver tumors and was not expected to survive the surgery. I remember packing ‘The Motivation Manifesto’ in my bag. One could argue it was a pointless thing to do if you weren’t expected to make it off the operating table, but I remember how just the sight – not even the content – of this book was an anchor of possibility for me during that time.

Fortunately, I defied the odds, which gave me this inflated sense of courage to pursue life with some level of reckless abandon. I experienced some high highs and some low lows, before moving to Arizona in late 2019 with no plan and no clear vision for what came next. World events of the pandemic followed and propelled me down a path I had disqualified myself from because I didn’t have x, y, and z, but yet I instinctively knew was a path that I was meant to go forth on. All these moments happened in isolation but together created the circumstances where $7 turned into a ticket to Growth Day Live and meeting Brendon Burchard.

So let me ask you this – What seeds are you planting today to make your vision for your life a reality in the future? What do you believe is inconceivable for you, and how is this holding you back? What is one courageous thing you could do today that you’ve convinced yourself isn’t possible for you?

Feel free to send me an email at I’d love to hear from you, and if you’ve read “The Motivation Manifesto,” drop a comment below with your favorite takeaway or quote. Let’s connect and share our journeys!

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