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Career Coaching

Unlock your true potential with personalized coaching that goes beyond the usual advice. Dive deep into your aspirations and strengths to craft a career path that reflects your
passion and goals.

Training & Positive Intelligence

Boost your mental fitness with our Positive Intelligence Program. Learn to transform challenges into opportunities and thrive in all areas of your life with proven
tools and strategies.

Professional Presence & Resume Services

Stand out with a compelling personal brand and resume that highlight your unique value. From LinkedIn optimization to interview prep, we equip you to shine in the
competitive job market.

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Hear how Lauryn’s coaching and strategic planning have transformed professional lives.



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I’m all about clear, no-nonsense communication—just like a perfect cup of Earl Grey, comforting and satisfying

If you’re feeling stuck, seeking more from your career, or just unsure about your next step, career coaching can be the lighthouse guiding you through. Think of it as a partnership where your dreams are the stars we navigate by. Still unsure? Let’s chat about it—no strings attached.

Absolutely! I love sharing insights and engaging with audiences of all sizes. Whether it’s a corporate event, workshop, or panel discussion, I bring the Laurintium magic wherever I go. Drop me a message with the details, and let’s make it happen.

Great question! Career Coaching dives deep into your aspirations, challenges, and opportunities for growth, laying a foundation for your career vision. Personal Branding, on the other hand, focuses on how to present your unique skills and passions to the world—think of it as putting your best foot forward, digitally and in-person.

Like any great adventure, the journey is as important as the destination. Some clients see shifts in a few sessions, while deeper transformations may take a few months. It’s all about setting the pace that works for you and ensuring lasting impact.

Using video conferencing tools, we can connect no matter where you are in the world. It’s like having a career coach in your living room (or home office, or kitchen table—you get the idea).

Positive Intelligence® (PQ®) coaching helps you strengthen your mental muscles to handle challenges with resilience and clarity. It equips you with strategies to shift from a reactive mindset to a proactive, growth-oriented approach, enhancing both your personal well-being and career performance.

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